Environmentally Friendly

How environmentally friendly is CatPrint, as an online digital printer?

Recycled Shrink Wrap
In August of 2014, we started recycling our shrink wrap scraps that were left over during shipping. Our production team took it upon themselves to set a goal of no more than one garbage can of non-recyclable waste per week. Happily, they went above and beyond that goal within the first week, and continue to strive to reduce non-recyclable waste!

White Badge Partner with Terrapass
CatPrint has been a White Badge partner with TerraPass since 2009. We have offset over 300 metric tons!

In addition to these offsets, CatPrint has also purchased 157 megawatt-hours of Green-e Energy Certified Renewable Energy Credits. These credits go toward supporting wind farms and help to offset our use of electricity, along with that of our customers!

The following reflects the amount of metric tons of Offsets as well as Renewable Energy Credits CatPrint has purchased:

2009: 12 mT
2010: 12 mT
2011: 12 mT
2012: 12 mT
2013: 100 mT
2014: 60 mT
2015: 30 mT
2016: 109 mT
Total: 347 mT and 157 MWh

Environmentally Friendly Papers
CatPrint also offers Environmental Letter Paper (30% post-consumer product), which is available free of charge for all digital color printing jobs- you only pay the cost to print!

You might be surprised to learn that CatPrint has some stocks that are made from 100% PCW! We also have paper stocks that are made from 100% cotton, which means that no trees were involved!

Our 100% PCW paper stocks include the following, listed in order by weight:

  1. Extra Heavy Card Stock - Cream
  2. Heavy Card Stock - 1 Sided Gloss
  3. Heavy Card Stock - Kraft
  4. Heavy Card Stock - Recycled
  5. Light Card Stock - Cream

Our 100% Cotton Stocks include the following:

  1. Heavy Card Stock - Cotton
  2. Heavy Card Stock - Cream Cotton

Biodegradable Packing Peanuts
Additionally, CatPrint uses 100% organic packing peanuts that are biodegradable, non-toxic, edible and water-soluble. They can be reused, thrown away, or washed down the sink or bathtub!

Show your support for carbon balanced printing by ordering with CatPrint!

By choosing to print with CatPrint, you have already begun to reduce your carbon footprint by engaging in eco-friendly printing. You can continue to help preserve the environment by placing the TerraPass badge onto your CatPrinted materials. Contact our Customer Service Team, and we will send you a TerraPass Badge logo which you can insert into your artwork! You can even use it with your Custom Packaging Slip!

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