Variable Data Printing

Variable data printing is when you have the same design, but wish to add an element within that design that is unique to each print. We offer this service for a setup fee of $25. We just need a properly setup spreadsheet, the font name, color and size you wish to use for your design! Please email this information to

See the following for an example of how your variable data setup file should look like:
Variable data setup

Note: Variable data set up requests can delay your order turnaround by 2-3 business days. A guaranteed delivery date cannot be set until you have approved all design work.

Some examples of when variable data is used:

Printed Envelopes - You can provide us with the names and addresses of your guests and with variable data setup we can create a file with each guest's information setup and ready to print onto envelopes for easy mailing! View more about our Printed Envelopes.

Business Cards - If your business uses the same design for business cards, provide us with the design and contact information for each employee and with variable data setup we can automatically create the individual business cards for your office!

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