Custom Packaging Slip

At CatPrint, we want to help your business grow. We offer blind shipping on any order, and now with customizable packaging slips!

What is blind shipping?
Blind shipping means the package is shipped to appear as if it came directly from you. We do not, on the label or in the package, include any CatPrint information and the return address is your provided billing address. This a free service that is available to all of our customers.

What are the benefits of blind shipping?
Blind shipping eliminates the extra step of shipping the order to your customer once you have received it from CatPrint. With our guaranteed delivery dates and expedited services, your clients are guaranteed to receive their shipments quickly and on time. You are provided with tracking information on all orders as soon as they are shipped.

What is a packaging slip?
We have two types of packaging slips. The first is our standard CatPrint branded packaging slip. This includes our logo and company information, for example, how to contact customer service with questions regarding your order. The other packaging slip is designated for blind shipping orders - this packaging slip does not include any company information from CatPrint.

How can you customize your packaging slip?
CatPrint now offers the option to customize packaging slips for your blind ship orders! We will use our custom software to program your account so that your custom packaging slip will be used when you select blind ship on an order.

How much does a custom packaging slip cost?
Nothing, it’s free with any blind ship order!

What if I don’t want to customize my packaging slip for blind ship orders?
That’s okay! If you choose not to design a custom packaging slip, we will continue to use our standard blind ship insert, shown on the top right.

What can I add to my custom packaging slip?
Anything and everything! Your custom packaging slip can have any information or design you want, such as your logo, unique background design, thank you note, order information, about the company, coupon codes, social media links and more! See our sample of Colleen's Crafts & Things on the right.

Download a template to create your own custom packaging slip here.

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Standard Blind Shipping Packing Slip

Custom Packing Slip