Referral Program

Learn more details about our CatPrint Referral Program and how you can save money by earning $10 coupons!

Each existing customer has the option to get their own unique referral link. This link can be shared anywhere - blogs, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, and more! When a new customer uses your referral link to access our website, creates an account, and places an order, both you and that new customer will then receive the referral coupon for $10 off! The more new customers that you refer, the more you will save!

Quick Rundown of Our CatPrint Referral Program

1. Get your referral link here.
2. Share your referral link anywhere.
3. A new customer uses your link & creates an account, places an order, receiving a $10 coupon for their next order.
5. You also receive a $10 off coupon!
6. Repeat Step 2!

Are you confused or have any questions regarding our CatPrint Referral Program? Make sure to contact Customer Service!

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