Meet CatPrint

What kind of company is CatPrint?

CatPrint is an online based, short run digital printing company specializing in high quality prints, quick turnaround times, guaranteed delivery dates, and compassionate customer service.

What does "short run" really mean?
Short run means that you can order as many or as few prints as you want or need. We do not require order minimums. "Digital printing" means that we are based online, and only accept digital files.

CatPrint is also a unique place to work: our employees are provided respect and flexibility.

Here at CatPrint, we avoid the "clock in, clock out" mindset. We believe that the more satisfied our employees are, the more care they will take with our customers. We provide a comfortable and pleasant work environment for everyone. There is a washer, dryer, and shower on site for employee use as needed, and we welcome employee pets and foster animals in the office!

Many of our company processes and procedures have been created based on valuable employee suggestions and novel ideas. CatPrint employees are not just a number to us, and neither are our customers!

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