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Our mission is to rescue homeless pets, obtain veterinary care for them and make them available for permanent placement with responsible guardians. No adoptable pet will be euthanized solely for lack of a permanent home. We strive for increased public awareness of the need to spay/neuter and vaccinate pets, and educate the public on the proper care of companion animals. This effort is intended to reduce the large population of homeless pets, primarily in the City of Rochester.

Pet Adoption Network was founded in January of 2003. We received 501c3 tax exempt status in 2004. Our members have over 75 collective years of experience with rescued animals. We are an all-volunteer organization dedicated to the rescue, care, and welfare of domestic animals. We have no shelter, our animals live in foster homes until a permanent home is found. We care for the animals giving them love, shelter, and veterinary care.

Many of our rescued pets have had a difficult start in life. Many come to us with no history at all. We do our best to evaluate each animal. Some will do well in a busy home, some need an experienced handler, or a fenced yard, while others may not adapt to other pets or children.

While kittens can adapt readily to a new home, cats need time to adjust and feel safe. We strive to make the adoption a permanent one. We do not want to place any animal on a trial basis because this is very hard on them.

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