Going to the Dogs Rescue

Going To The Rescuers, Inc. or otherwise known as Going To The Dogs Rescue (GTTDR) is a 501c3 organization dedicated to helping our homeless pets find loving forever homes. Our rescue is not only tax deductible but we are recognized appropriately by the NYS Attorney Generals Charities Bureau to be authorized to collect donations per NYS law. Melissa is a member of New York State Humane Association and has received NYS training for Animal Cruelty laws. She has also dedicated much of her time to advocacy and education in the community. Attending the Best Friends "No More Homeless Pets" conference, as well as the No Kill Conference yearly with lawyer and advocate Nathan Winograd. Networking and consulting with many major key players in the animal welfare arena has helped our organization to not only be successful in saving pets, but we do so with a reputation of being very ethical priding ourselves on quality of our care verses quantity.

We are involved in not only assisting dogs in our local community but all over as needed and when we are able to reach out. Our rescue operates solely on generous donations from individuals and corporations that are able to contribute once or on a continuous basis.

You can learn more about Going to the Dogs Rescue on their website.

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Going to the Dogs Rescue